Sponsored Athletes

JAKTMuscle is honored to sponsor these incredible people who are also incredible athletes. We have chosen them because each one lives their life committed to their sport, dedicated to their family, loyal to their team and strong in character. We believe they embody what JAKTMuscle is about and are proud to have them represent our company!


Victoria Jenks – IFBB Pro Figure Athlete

Born in Ramstein, Germany, a military brat all her life. Learning to compromise, let go and rebuild was something that became an art for her as she moved every 3-4 years to different parts of the world. She always had big dreams to do many things and always set her complete focus to achieving these goals.

Fashion Design was her first love, but life took a few turns and she stayed in Colorado Springs and earned her BA in Business Marketing and Advertising. Upon graduation the economy was not in the best state and at the time the next best option for some stability was joining the United States Air Force, something that was very familiar to her growing up.

In 2005 she met the love of her life Jason, through years of dating he would then become her husband in 2011. He started her on her journey in bodybuilding and after years of training she developed a passion and love for the sport. She decided that she wanted to compete and knew one day she would be able to stand on the stage with the people that she idolized. In 2012 she met Evie Rae, Coach and owner of JAKTMuscle. From day one she worked as hard as she could to achieve that goal, by going straight into competition prep for a show which she would do in the early spring of 2013. She competed in her first show at the NPC Southern Armed Forces Bodybuilding Competition, where she won 1st place Novice, Overall Novice, 1st place Figure Open and Overall Figure. This was an amazing start and debut that fueled her for her next show, which was the Armbrust Pro Gym Warrior Classic, where she took 2nd place in Figure and qualified for Nationals. She knew at that point that it was time to turn things up and train for the rest of the year to come in fresh in 2014 for her first National show.

She competed in June of that year at NPC Jr. Nationals where she took 3rd place, which is amazing for a first time National show. Of course, this was not good enough as her goal was to win pro status. She went on to compete in 3 additional National shows, NPC National Championships, NPC Jr. Nationals 2015 and recently NPC USA Championships where she earned her Pro Card in Women’s Figure. Each show she learned more about herself and what it took to be on a stage of such stature. There were many tears of pain, joy and endless hours of training and compromise in her life, but this is a goal that is important enough to place everything slightly to the waist side until the goal is achieved. She is currently planning out the 2016 Season for her Pro Debut.

Victoria was an athlete with JAKTMuscle, for two years when we decided to sponsor her. We are continually amazed by her dedication to the sport, and her ability to be coached. She is the athlete all coaches dream of always following the plan, exercising patience and trusting the process.

“All of this could not have been possible without my supportive husband, family, friends and of course my coach who has guided and coached me for the last 3 years. I am forever thankful for the endless support and endeavors you all have taken to follow me on this journey.”

Jessie Humeston – Olympic Weightlifting Athlete

Jessie Humeston is a very tough athlete, both mentally and physically. She has been a competitive athlete since the age of 12. In 2005, she was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting to help her with other sports. She was immediately hooked and by 2007 she had decided to make her sole focus on competitive weightlifting. Her first national meet was in 2008. From 2009 to 2012 she was a podium finisher at every national competition she attended. Jessie was a member of the World Universities team in 2010 and 2011, traveling to both Taiwan and China to represent Team USA. While she did make the World Universities team in 2012, she was forced to forfeit her spot due to injury.

On December 1, 2012, Jessie underwent major back surgery to repair fractures at her L4 vertebrae. During Jessie’s recovery she was unsure whether she would be able to continue her career as an athlete. She took this time to continue pursuing her life as a coach. She has been an assistant coach for Front Range Weightlifting Club in Colorado Springs since 2008, and began this year as a coach for ‘TrueStength’ weightlifting club. After 8 months of hard rehab, incredible HEART of champion, and hours of work she qualified again for the national stage. Exactly a year after surgery she competed in her first national meet post surgery. Jessie now attends national competitions as both an athlete and a coach.

It has been a long road back to where she was previously, but Jessie never gave up where most would of quit right after injury. THIS kind of heart is rare in athletes and it is what makes Jessie GREAT both in her sport and in her life day to day. Today, she has made a full recovery and continues to fight to get beyond her previous bests. She hopes to continue to spread her knowledge and passion for the sport of weightlifting for years to come.

Jessie’s heart, loyalty and character stand out for all to see and JAKTmuscle is proud to sponsor this humble and driven athlete.

Abi Stears - Jakt Muscle Athlete

Abi Stearns – National Level Figure Athlete

Abi Dawn is a mother of two and a full time personal trainer as well as a nationally qualified figure competitor. Abi resides in Kauai with her family. After having her 2nd child in 2003, Abi made a goal to one day compete and has committed herself since then to the “fit” lifestyle. Many years and “life” passed by, but Abi never gave up or lost sight of that goal. In 2010, Abi entered a small local show, the Aloha Classic where she resides in Kauai, Hawaii and earned 1st Place. The following year, Abi entered again and won 1st and Overall awards in Figure. These small victories in her life spurred a larger goal and a larger stage…each one bringing a better overall package with the help and guidance of Coach Evie Rae of JAKTMuscle.
In August 2015, she made her debut on the mainland competing in Colorado with some of the best of the best. Abi was awarded two 2nd place and one 4th place award and was qualified for nationals. The next week Abi competed at her first national level show in Pittsburg placing top 10 in masters figure. Abi looks at competing as a challenge and a motivation to stay on track for life, as well as inspire her daughters that you can do anything you set your mind to despite life’s trials and challenges. Abi is currently is prepping for her next National show in 2016. Abi has proven that you can make your dreams come true, while working full time and raising kids. She proves there is no excuse and because of that example JAKTMuscle is honored to have Abi on board as a sponsored athlete.
“My biggest reward has not been the trophies but the joy of watching my daughters grow into athletes and desire to do their best in whatever they set their mind to. This life is not about perfection….but progression! Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”

Jeremiah Williams – National Level Classic Physique Athlete

Jeremiah Williams has been an athlete with JAKTMuscle since 2013 and is currently serving in the US Air Force. He has improved physically & mentally as an athlete but most exciting is how his character has developed through trials!

At Jeremiah’s first show 2013 Warrior Classic, he was awarded the 2nd place trophy in teen, the 1st place trophy in novice, and 3rd place in the open Mens physique classes. Jeremiah instantly fell in love with the challenge and the rewarding feeling of bodybuilding.

Not only is he is an extremely loyal and driven individual, but Jeremiah does anything he possibly can to accomplish his goals without letting anything stand in his way. In 2014, just a few weeks out from the Rocky, he had been preparing for, Jeremiah was told he’d be deploying in one week. Jeremiah had a great attitude, and he continued to stay on plan overseas without skipping a beat.

Currently Jeremiah is preparing to compete at nationals this summer in what will be his 4th show. The goal is to continue to work hard as he jumps up to the Classic physique division. Earning his IFBB pro card in classic physique is his ultimate goal in this sport. For now Jeremiah plans on taking it one step at a time while maintaining his family, his fitness, and his military career. Loyalty, humility and discipline define this very young athlete. Jeremiah is well beyond his years and we look forward to seeing all He has in store for him in the years to come. Proud to have Jeremiah as one of our honored JAKTMuscle sponsored athletes!

“This all started as a hobby but with the help of my family, friends & coach Evie Rae, it became a way of life and I couldn’t be any more blessed the past two years.”

Melissa Wells – National Level Bikini Athlete

Melissa joined JAKTMuscle in January of 2014 and is now a Nationally qualified bikini athlete. She is a mother of two and has a full time career in the Insurance industry.

Melissa started training in 2009 and quickly developed a great passion for fitness at a high level. Since 2014 Melissa has competed in 5 shows winning overall champion in her last 2 local events. Each show she pushed harder to make the progress in her physique that was needed to win, she was coachable and never gave an excuse. In August of 2017 Melissa earned a top 10 placing in her first huge national show and you can be sure she isn’t done yet. Her goal for 2018 is to place in the top 5 at nationals, and earn her IFBB Pro card.

Over the years on this team Melissa developed a great sense of love and loyalty to head coach Evie Rae and her fellow teammates on JAKTMuscle. Her always helpful and caring attitude towards her team did not go unnoticed and in mid 2017 Melissa was named the Assistant Bikini Posing Coach and also honored with becoming JAKT’s first ever sponsored national bikini athlete. We can say with 100% confidence that Team JAKTmuscle is a better team for the time Melissa has been with us and the group is blessed to have her friendship and loyalty.

“I have learned so much about strength and perseverance on this journey. I love that I can now pass those traits on to my children.”